Welcome to El Paso, Gateway to Mexico

If you like the outdoors and sunshine over 300 days a year, then you’ll love El Paso! So much to see and do and so many restaurants to try. Book your hotel room now and enjoy this hidden paradise in the mountains.

Fort Bliss
One of the United State’s largest bases and home to the annual Amigo Air Show, Fort Bliss has museums, fairs, and one of the biggest PX in the Southwest. History and military buffs alike will find plenty to do. Also, visit some of the oldest architecture in El Paso.

Historical and Cultural Sites
El Paso serves as a cultural corridor introducing thousands to our history.With our extensive diversity one could learn of the grim fate of the notorious outlaw John Wesley Hardin, learn about the native Tiguas culture, or visit the Magoffin Homestead, one of El Paso’s prominent founders.

One of El Paso’s hottest attractions is Juarez, Mexico. Juarez is a cosmopolitan border town that offers everything from dining to dance clubs to great shopping. Pesos or dollars, English or Spanish – the possibilities for a great time are endless when visiting Juarez

El Paso attracts world-class photographers, painters, sculptors and muralist. Visit the market at Café Mayapan for a hand woven dress or Adair Margo Gallery to view Tom Lea’s great works. From galleries to museum, the opportunities for art crawls are endless

Golf Courses in and around El Paso can be played year round.

The sun shines in El Paso approximately 302 days per year, earning it the nickname “Sun City.” All that sun we’re bound to have the finest regional vineyards. Raise your glasses to doing Texas different.

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